On TAPE Studio is the autobiographical brand of artist Jacob Victorine that explores personal representation in, and leading up to, the age of social media, pulling materials and memories from, in particular, his late teens through early twenties. Inspired by poetic techniques such as erasures, conceptual artists such as Barbara Kruger and Adrian Piper, documentary projects such as Adrienne Salinger's book In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, designers such as Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER, and the marketing and branding of streetwear, On TAPE Studio looks inward while pushing outward, questioning whether visible risk and vulnerability can change the way a brand exists in relation to its creator and the people who consume it.

On TAPE Studio Collection 1, “The Past Is Permanent,” touches on the ways in which social media deconstruct time through the intersection of public and private memory. Flashbacks of growing up in New York during the aftermath of September 11th coalesce with teenage love and the reemergence of populist politics in a world where Instagram possesses greater influence than The New York Times.

Jacob Victorine creates all of On TAPE Studio’s garment-based artworks by hand, using pre-existing materials (excluding inks, paints, and trims), and writes and edits all “Recordings.” All “Prints” were taken by him or his friends in New York between 2003 and 2007. All garment photos are shot by artist Sarah Tarkany, who also serves as an editor and advisor for the project. Many of the raw materials are supplied by Monarch Thrift Shop. Artist Jim Victorine helps refine much of the graphic design. Screen-printing would not be possible without the help of artist Annie Kielman. On TAPE Studio is partially funded by a Part-time Faculty Development Grant from Columbia College Chicago.

Jacob is a poet, fashion writer, educator, and multidisciplinary artist living in Chicago. His work has been published by outlets such as GRAILED's "Dry Clean Only" Publishers WeeklyPoets' Quarterly, Muzzle Magazine, Vinyl Poetryand PANK, which nominated him for a Pushcart Prize in 2013. His first book, FLAMMABLE MATTER, won Elixir Press's 2015 Editor's Prize.